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    • Motivation, Paintings, Realism,Surrealism, Landscape, Canvas,Oil, By Sergey Sergeevich Lutsenko
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    I discovered a new style of painting-FUSION.Fusion is a style characterized by “combination of incompatible”, i.e. it unites absolutely different ideas from seemingly incompatible styles without losing wholesomeness and harmony. Realism and abstract art are two styles which complement each other by blending into one – fusion.One of the biggest values of this style is freedom of coexistence of phantasmagoric objects along with objects properly drawn according to all the rules of classical art.

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    Artist Name Sergey Sergeevich Lutsenko Year 2017 Art Form Paintings Size 60 (cms) H x 105 (cms) W Style Realism,Surrealism Genre Landscape Media Canvas,Oil Price $1,100.00 Keywords people, snow, surrealism, village, winter, contemporary, abstract, fusion, haystacks, sergeylutsenko, impressionism, motivation
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