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  • Otherworldly - Natural Wood Color Small Serving Tray


    Natural Color Small Serving Tray with Gloss White Hardboard Sublimatable Insert, size 13.875" x 8.875"

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    A giant space faerie casts a dark spell on planet earth. This magical demon-like creature oversees the creation and destruction of the cosmos. This piece was painted as the album cover for the York, PA band Witch Hazel.

    About Rebecca Magar

    I have always been inspired by fantastic and imaginative stories with dark themes. In addition to my love of fantasy, I grew up with a close relationship to (and love for) animals. These ideas and inspirations naturally made their way into my own work while I progressed as an artist. My work would be best described as imaginative realism or dark fantasy art and has been compared to other traditional illustrative artists such as Frank Frazetta or Jeff Jones. I frequently include animals, death, skeletons, crows and other dark subject matter in my artwork. As an artist, I try to breathe life into each piece by incorporating both subtle and bold movements. My hope is that the observer not only views the artwork, but also imagines the rushing wind, senses the cold, or hears the sound of wings thrashing in the sky. I aim for each and every piece to be a complete visual experience.

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