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    Slide On Sandals, Walk in Comfort with Sandals Featuring Memory Foam and a Sublimatable Adjustable Strap, featuring a Photo or Image of your choice. Memory Foam Padded Footbed, Rubber Outsole, Adjustable Straps.

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    Harry Potter portrait, painted by artist Stefan Pabst.

    About Stefan Pabst

    Artist Stefan Pabst : Realistic and 3D Art I was born in Russia, but moved to Germany.  Many of my paintings appear to be three dimensional, and jump off of the page at you.  I use an oil dry-brush technique on special paper to create much of my work.  I began drawing at the age of five, and early in school, I received portrait requests from my classmates, who were impressed with my work.   I became a full time artist after drawing a portrait for a friend.  Now, I receive orders from companies, singers, actors, football players and politicians.  I have taught many artists my techniques as well. I paint full time, and work in my studio daily. Below are images of me painting, and in my studio.              

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