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Just a self-taught artist painting since a child but only in the last three years more seriously in a studio/gallery in the historic warehouse district in downtown Houston ( Mother Dog Studios). My work is a cross between realism and neo-impressionism. I have sold my work since my teenage years to individuals and corporations(Burger King/Miami).law and medical offices. The greatest influence in my painting were/are the English painter J.M.W. Turner ( THE master of light,space and atmosphere) and the American genius Andrew Wyeth. My God their work is awesome.

I was granted three scholarships leaving high school but went a different direction. I retired from that and am now pursuing my art full time. I have won some art contests but nothing all that note-worthy. Hopefully that will change. 

I have truly been blessed the last two years and especially this year in selling a number of works. I have four major collectors three of whom have purchased 10+ paintings each.I am very grateful.

  What pleases me so much is when I receive a text or phone call from someone who has purchased one of my paintings...maybe months later.. and says,"Steve, I have just discovered a detail, a nuance or a subtlety in your painting that I never saw before and I love it."  It brings me great joy that people find peace and reflection in my work.

 I presently exhibit my work at my studio/gallery at Mother Dog and also at Antiques Houston,Inc at the Pavilion on Westheimer Rd... both In Houston,Tx. Also hope soon to be showing in the Allen Centers downtown.

Take good care,                         




Raised in Coral Gables Fl. and the Bahamas  Have traveled extensively which has given me inspiration for my art.


Several state and regional awards in High School that led to scholarship offers. Some contests in Miami,N.J. Minnesota but that was some time ago.


U of M degree in Business. Several military and aviation schools.

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