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    Magic Color Changing Cermic Mug Dark When Cool: Image Shows When Hot.

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    New Holland Honeyeaters

    About Susan Willemse

    I create Australian Bird Art using acrylics and airbrushing on stretched canvas. A mixture of hobbies and passions have led to me creating these moments in time. My love of birds started with my first cockatiel in Rhodesia, our Umbrella and Moluccan cockatoos in South Africa and now the wildlife here in Canberra, Australia. I believe to paint birds you need to understand and know them and Australian birds are among the most intelligent and musical in the world. Art has always been part of my life from receiving the final year Art prize in school, to getting my first airbrush and creating gouache and ink graphics to my cytology work as a medical scientist. I believe that art effects every person in every sphere of life because it is seeing and hearing that results in feeling and analysis. I use color and light as well as texture and fun experimentation becomes art therapy with music. My husband is also involved as it is his technical skills that have allowed further learning and exploration of this topic using photography, geocaching and IT. It is nature and birds that inspire me and keep me mindful and curious. I hope these images can make you smile too, please do enjoy them. To everyone who has supported me on this journey, Thank you, it is appreciated. Susan

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