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Timothy Lowry

Timothy Lowry

  • Lady Liberty

    • Lady Liberty, Digital Art / Computer Art,Photography, Fine Art,Pop Art, Composition,Daily Life,Historical,Memorial,Window on the World, Digital, By Timothy Lowry
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    Artist Name Timothy Lowry
    • Artist Name Timothy Lowry
    • Year 2017
    • Portfolio Name New York City
    • Art Form Digital Art / Computer Art,Photography
    • Size 48 (inches) H x 32 (inches) W
    • Style Fine Art,Pop Art
    • Genre Composition,Daily Life,Historical,Memor ial,Window on the World
    • Media Digital
    • Price $100.00
    • Keywords Liberty, freedom, New York City, New York, Ellis Island, urban, stautes, lady liberty, staue of liberty, America, American, USA, US, United States of America, patriot, patriotic, symbols of freedom, American dream, immigrants, Manhattan


    Statue of Liberty in New York City, New York 2017
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