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Timothy Lowry

Timothy Lowry

  • Sweet Taste of Death

    • Sweet Taste of Death, Digital Art / Computer Art, Pop Art, Fantasy, Digital, By Timothy Lowry
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    Artist Name Timothy Lowry
    • Artist Name Timothy Lowry
    • Year 2013
    • Portfolio Name Digital Artwork
    • Art Form Digital Art / Computer Art
    • Size 29 (inches) H x 22 (inches) W
    • Style Pop Art
    • Genre Fantasy
    • Media Digital
    • Price $75.00
    • Keywords death,diabetes,disease,c ola,soft drinks,pop art, skulls, red color, corporate greed, big business, food, consumer protection, poison


    Sweet Taste of Death Tribute to corporate greed and how companies add harmful and addictive ingredients to their products to grow corporate profits and cut operating costs.
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