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    The last 4 years I have painted an Oil Painting of Santa Claus. It started when my youngest daughter asked me to paint Santa. I really enjoy doing these paintings and they pretty much flow off the brush. This year I wanted to do something a little different. So I painted my Irish Santa. I wanted to give a feel of older and also some modern aspects of Santa. Don't know what will come next year. It will be something fun. Title: 2017 SANTA CLAUS, Medium: Oil on Linen, Size: 20 x 24".

    About Tom Furey

    Tom Furey is an award winning, Bucks County Fine Artist, creating Contemporary American Oil Paintings. He has been expressing his Artistic Ideas for over forty years. His subjects range from Bucks County Landscapes, Still Lifes, Florals to Heavy Industrial. In addition to a career in the Fine Arts, Mr. Furey also worked as a Professional Jewelry Designer in Bucks County and Philadelphia. .

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