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Victor Ovsyannikov

Victor Ovsyannikov

About Victor Ovsyannikov

Russian Federation

Victor Ovsyannikov was born in 1947 in Moscow. He graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute. 
Having a great way of life, Vi?tor Ovsyannikov became a full and original artist only in 2015. Since then, he has created more than 150 works in a variety of artistic techniques and styles. It was a difficult but fruitful search for himself in art, a style that began to emerge in the last few dozen paintings. The artist remained faithful only to his addiction to the technique of painting water-based - watercolor and acrylic. This technique allows him to create a unique style of writing, using such properties of water-based paints, transparency, lightness, ease and if you want - writing speed is virtually impossible in the technique of oil painting. His watercolors, along with transparency, acquire the density and depth, typical pasty painting techniques and work in acrylic characterized by a combination of dense, opaque watercolor technique with almost spontaneous picturesque water paints. Such a wealth of expressive means, in addition to possession of a professional design and composition - the famous school of architecture - distinguishes Victor Ovsyannikov most other artists.



Victor Ovsyannikov was born in 1947 in Moscow. He graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute, where he received the basics of art education.

Victor Ovsyannikov few decades almost no paint. He devoted himself entirely scientific work related to architecture (history and theory of housing, sociology, environmental psychology). He was well known among researchers around the world, he had a large number of scientific publications, the degree of Candidate of Architecture.


Many of my paintings were marked by high quality, vhidili among the finalists and the winner of various competitions in 2016 in the United States. I received several honorary awards and certificates.

My watercolor "Manhattan" took first place in one of the competitions:

My acrylic painting "Self-Portrait" won the second place prize in another competition:


My paintings 2015-2916 years are well represented in many major online exhibitions in the US and other countries.
The largest and most authoritative of them:[Champ1]+contains+%22Victor%20Ovsyannikov%22[Champ1]+contains+%22Victor%20Ovsyannikov%22


He graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute. 


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