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United States

I started drawing as a youngster and continued some classes in college but life got in the way and other things became more important. Ive recenty started painting again with a renewed enthusiasm. I now have the time to create nature, animals, seascapes, landscapes and more. I paint mostly in acrylics and oils. Im learning new things and exploring new ideas every day. I happen to live in beautiful and scenic Utah so there is no limit as to what I may paint. Thankyou for viewing my art, I hope you enjoy!


I was born in Wisconsin but moved to Utah to attend the U of U in Salt Lake City. Im an avid reader, tennis player, violinist, interior decorator, gourmet cook and now painter. We were breeding and showing arabian horses for 15 years but recently retired to ease our load. I loved naming the new foals but now I get to name my art. With some free time now I can hone my skills as a growing artist and hopefully you may just like one enough to purchase it. May we always continue to grow and seek knowledge no matter our age! Happy viewing!


Studied art and music at University of Utah.

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