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Tutorial: How to Master Selling Art Online

Published on: Aug 23, 2016

An exciting Video Feature is now available to you on, which can help you, the artist, significantly boost art sales online, by creating an emotional and personal connection with those who view your art. Selling art is not hard to do, and selling online is not hard to do, once one understands a number of essentials regarding the internet, regarding marketing, and regarding human nature and people. There is not enough time in a day, or in a lifetime, for one person to become an expert at everything. That is where comes in, to provide the marketing, business and internet savvy for artists, so that artists can focus their time on what they enjoy the most and do the best, creating fine art.

In this tutorial, we will focus on the “Me Creating Art” section of, which each artist who has uploaded their art to, is able to use to help themselves sell art. In just a few minutes, an artist can easily upload video footage and photographs of themselves creating art, and explain in their own words what it is that inspires them to create art. It is this personal connection, this personal bond with art lovers and patrons which is key to a successful online marketing campaign, and may help an artist to significantly expand their branding, recognition, trust and art sales on a local, national and global level.

TRUST IN ART! HOW IS IT CREATED? Think about it, art galleries focus on achieving a personal connection between an artist and a buyer, in order to sell art. Gallery openings and shows, often served with wine and cheese, are famous for helping to foster and nurture this connection. Once that connection is established, it is easy for that artist to make additional sales to that satisfied patron. Since art does not provide tangible value, but rather enhances our lives by giving us emotional satisfaction and fulfillment, it is critical for the art viewer to begin the process of buying a piece of art by embarking upon the emotional journey. This journey begins by understanding more about the artist, and what it is that inspires the artist to create.

Good. We understand that the emotional connection is critical to a thriving, consistent and long lasting relationship with a patron for art sales. An in person, shaking the hand, sitting down approach is good to meet patrons in town. But what about art lovers in another city, state, or country? Why deprive them of the opportunity to enjoy your art?

It has been said that the internet changes everything, and indeed it does. Art sales is no exception! Many think that the internet depersonalizes things, and people are denigrated to becoming just a faceless number on the internet. There is some truth to this. On the other hand, the internet is one of the most powerful tools which has ever been known to mankind, and it allows each of us to be heard within seconds, around the world, to the 3.2 billion people who use the internet. The key is knowing how to harness the power of this vast network, and yet not lose the personal connection and trust.

The ‘Me Creating Art” part of was created with just that in mind. Over 80% of people say that they are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it. Video helps develop an emotional bond with a viewer, because it helps to convey feelings of body language, facial expressions, and verbal intonations which will influence the viewer’s choices and actions. In addition, viewers will be much more engaged when they see video, and spend more time studying about you and your artwork. Search engines also love video, and you will be more easily found on the web.

I could go on and on about the advantages of artists posting videos on Rather than do that, I will go through a short tutorial about how easy it is to do on, and let you discover the benefits of video yourself.

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