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Tutorial: How to Standout as an Artist and Sell More Art!

Published on: Aug 31, 2016

If you are an artist, and you want to sell art, I mean REALLY SELL ART, you have to be unforgettable, and you have to stand out as an artist. provides you with the tools to easily upload videos and images of yourself, which will make you appear unforgettable to those who matter most, your present and future art patrons!
Listen up, and I will guide you through a tutorial in which you will learn how to use this valuable feature on

If you have not already done so, register at by clicking on the button “JOIN ARTIST.COM”

Then, click on “artist” to register
Hover over the drop down menu next to your name. Then, click on MY ACCOUNT
Adding video is easy. Just click on the video button,
Then add a title and description. Try to make the title and description accurate, so that they reflect the content of the video. Remember, search engines on the internet will use what you put in these fields to help people find you on the web.
Click on CHOOSE FILE, and upload your video. If you are accessing this page from a mobile smart phone, such as an iphone or android phone, you will be given the option to take a video, or upload it from the camera roll memory in the phone.

Now, you can choose to add more files, and repeat the process, or click SAVE, and your contents will be saved, and immediately visible for visitors to see.

The same process applies to ADDING PHOTOS {click on add photos button}
To add photos, click on the PHOTOS icon, enter a title and description, and choose a file to upload. If you are using a phone with a camera, you will be given the option to take a picture now, or upload a picture from the camera roll memory of the phone. You can click on the ADD MORE FILES BUTTON, and add additional images. When you are done, just click SAVE, and the pictures will be immediately available for visitors to see.

A similar process applies to adding YouTube videos.
To add a youtube video, click on the YOUTUBE button, and enter a title and description. The next step is to add the URL web address of the YouTube video. Once this is done, you can click on ADD MORE FILES, to add additional videos, or click on SAVE, and your video will be immediately available for visitors to see.

Once the photos and videos are uploaded, you can easily edit them, with the ability to change the images, titles and descriptions.

As a reminder, it is important to utilize this “ME CREATING ART” section to introduce yourself to visitors and potential art buyers. Use this opportunity which has provided you, to connect to someone who loves your work, but wants to know more about you, the person behind the artwork. Tell the art lover something about you, they want to know about you. That is what makes the art special, what they will discuss with their friends, and why they will return as loyal patrons, collecting your art in the future. makes the impossible, possible, connecting art lovers with artists across the globe. Remember, life is about relationships. When one understands this, the rest becomes easy.
At present, there is no charge to artists to use this feature, so grab the opportunity while it’s free.

If you have any questions, or need help with anything art related, contact us at

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