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Yuliya Zelinskaya

Yuliya Zelinskaya

  Exhibitions November 2015 - New Moscow, TCKT  December-January 2015 - Moscow, Central House of Artists  June 2016 - Vladimir, gallery "Stremyanka"  March 2017 - Miami, Restaurant and lounge "Kandinsky"  May 2017 - Vladimir, gallery "Stremyanka"  May 2017 - New Moscow, TC "Trinity" is an anniversary Exhibition of the teacher Andrei Likuchev and his students  June 2017 -...

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  • Lord Of The Rainbow

    • Lord Of The Rainbow, Paintings, Fine Art, Fantasy,Nudes, Canvas,Oil, By Yuliya Zelinskaya
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    Artist Name Yuliya Zelinskaya
    • Artist Name Yuliya Zelinskaya
    • Year 2016
    • Art Form Paintings
    • Size 31 (inches) H x 39 (inches) W
    • Style Fine Art
    • Genre Fantasy,Nudes
    • Media Canvas,Oil
    • Price $5,000.00
    • Keywords Gods, fantasy


      Rainbow - is the embodiment and expression of all life's colors. A magical bridge that Angels tread thousands of times a day, to the road to heaven, and the fusion between Heaven and Earth, as a sign of a union of the contrary forces, that are complementary, in a natural world with ... Yin and Yang. People, have always believed, to see the rainbow is a sign of good fortune, a sign of grace and the divine being and grace. It is a symbol of abundance, fertility and harvest and treasures to be found at the end of the rainbow!  My vision is to show that the "Lord of the Rainbow" manifest a positive images, as it literally glows with colors from the games being played, by the forces beyond our reach, between Heaven and Earth... just with a touch of a finger, from the Greatest Power throughout the Universe !  
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