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Yuliya Zelinskaya

Yuliya Zelinskaya

  Exhibitions November 2015 - New Moscow, TCKT  December-January 2015 - Moscow, Central House of Artists  June 2016 - Vladimir, gallery "Stremyanka"  March 2017 - Miami, Restaurant and lounge "Kandinsky"  May 2017 - Vladimir, gallery "Stremyanka"  May 2017 - New Moscow, TC "Trinity" is an anniversary Exhibition of the teacher Andrei Likuchev and his students  June 2017 -...

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  • Malta

    • Malta, Paintings, Fine Art, Cityscape,Landscape,Seascape, Oil, By Yuliya Zelinskaya
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    Artist Name Yuliya Zelinskaya
    • Artist Name Yuliya Zelinskaya
    • Year 2016
    • Art Form Paintings
    • Size 39 (inches) H x 47 (inches) W
    • Style Fine Art
    • Genre Cityscape,Landscape,S eascape
    • Media Oil
    • Price $3,000.00
    • Keywords Malta, cityscape, seascape, boats


    This Colorful Canvas that depicts the essence of the soul of Malta, that takes the imagination to the place of solitude in the midst of the Mediterranean Seas. As she is Surrounded by it's Beautiful Aqua Waters, which brings the Romantic Life within her harbor alive, with every boat calmly rocking to the rhythm of the sea. And if one looks, one looks that every reflection on her waters, is a mirror image of what is truly in Malta, is the heart and soul, as the intrinsic colors, that takes you to the place of Happiness, Joy, Love And Peace! MALTA
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